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What is FBG
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23/08/2021 – Updated 2. Joining the League (requirements for applying)

1. What is FBG

First Blood Gaming is a community, that currently hosts 3 vouch-based leagues (DotA, LIHL and FBG LTD) for players who are looking to play high skilled/competitive games with a fair set of rules.

2. Joining the League

To maintain a competitive, friendly gaming environment, FBG requires that all players are vouched in order to participate in the league. This means that the league recognizes you (namely, your account) as a skilled, mannered player who deserves to play in the league.
In order to get vouched, you will need to pass a trial (which will be evaluated by our Admins, taken in consideration your ingame performance), and you can start it, by doing the following:

A) Use the following format and post on the forums here , however some conditions must be met:

1) Having 5 LIHL players !support your vouch request
2) Having +1200 elo (minimum 50 games) and doing a vouch request with replays

Note: You must be a vouched FBG LTD member before applying.

You can only have 1 Vouched Account for the League (you also need to have a discord account linked with your vouched account, to use it to join inhouse games, as this is our official channel of communication – Without the usage of Discord, you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits, including the queue system).


For those on trial, the trial period will last until our LIHL-Admin confirm your skill.
Players are recommended to use Discord as a method of team communication. If you need any help setting up Discord, you can ask the other players or the Staff.
The FBG Discord channels dedicated to LTD Inhouse Games are #lihl-announcements, #lihl-chat, #lihl-queue, #lihl-stats, #lihl-rule-evaluation and #lihl-upload.
The game name will be posted in Discord – #lihl-queue.
FBG currently uses the following version of LTD: Legion TD 3.45g.w3x

3. Official Channels

Our main and officials channels of communication are :

  • Forum – Any information regarding/related to News & Announcements, Ban appeals, Ban Requests, Tournaments, amongst others, can be found here;
  • Discord – Main channel used for communication & organization within the league;

4. Hosting Games

Every inhouse game will require a replay upload (which can be done by a LIHL-Uploader or a LIHL-Admin) – Once the game ends, send the replay to one of the uploaders/admin and they will upload the game, in order to update the elo.

5. Joining Games

The game name will be posted on Discord (channel #lihl-queue).
If you want to sign for the next game, you can do it yourself on Discord – channel #lihl-queue (You may not sign if you’re currently ingame playing: You must wait for the present game to end)
It is highly recommended to check and see how long the current inhouse game has been running to help you decide if you have time to play a game or to do something else while you wait – Just message on Discord – #lihl-queue and ask how long the game is going, or whisper a player on Battle Net.

6. Rules

As a league, our standards and expectations are higher than pub games. We expect players to be strong in both gaming and mind. Therefore, all players should respect their mates and the games they share. Violating any of the following rules can result in disciplinary actions, including verbal warnings and temporary or permanent bans from inhouse games, depending on the number and extent of the offense.

In-House rules:

The FBG General rules apply to LIHL, unless abrogated by the specific rules below. For the Forum/Discord, these rules are to be followed

Refusing to cooperate by sending alone and not save-send with teammates to win.
Refusing to build in attempt to teamkill.
Selling value at any point in the game in order to gain an advantage by stalling time on a racing level is forbidden.

Game Modes

The default game mode is -phgmcb. This mode can be typed and will also be automatically chosen if red does not type a mode.
Other game modes are at the moment not allowed because they may bug.


You may only play official LIHL games with a vouched account.
After queue is full, you must join the game within 5 minutes (any player can host the game).
Once a game has been hosted, all players are required to play the game out until one of the kings dies.
Unsigning during player drafting is forbidden.

Build Provisions

You cannot build a tower that will attack and pull a creep from the opposite lane.
If a player pulls creeps while not building at dark green area, whether to be punished or not will depend on a moderator’s per case judgement. If pulling continuously happens due to a tower, it should be sold immediately.
Do not build over 120 value of delay towers.
Do not intentionally split towers to delay leaking on a level you have sent.
Do not save more than 200 gold when sending with the intent to leak more on a racing level.
Before level 10: don’t sell more than 300 value per level.
After level 10 and before first arena: you can sell any amount you want.
After first arena: selling is not allowed except for holding better 1

1 You are allowed to sell these at any point:
* Delay towers
* Towers built with the purpose to split your lane
* Bottom/King Crab


If a team misses a player by disconnect or leaving before the end of level 20, it is mandatory to !draw the game (unless all players ingame agree to play it on: If 2 or more players want to draw, game will be drawn, and you’re allowed to leave).
If a team misses a player by disconnect or leaving after the end of level 20, the game must be played on (unless all players ingame agree to !draw: If 2 or more players want to play, game must be played on, and you’re not allowed to leave).

Leave and Disconnection

Leaving penalties are appealable, disconnecting penalties not.
If the player is believed to have left the game on purpose aka rage quit, the player will be unvouched with a chance to appeal.


When pausing, a player should always inform everyone why he is doing so and for how long. The game can always be paused upon a moderator’s request to do a screenshot test.
Do not unpause unless every player is ready.
After the game has been paused for more than 5 minutes for someone AFK, you can report him.
After the game has been paused for more than 10 minutes for someone AFK, he can be kicked without question.
The use of pause is not allowed to discuss strategies.

King Juggling

Do not change the king’s target to delay killing, except to efficiently kill multiple targets or kill higher priority targets such as sent units or low hp units. Range stomping and backward waving is allowed.


One veto is enough to reject a player from observing a game, however, the observer spot may not be denied to FBG Moderators or LIHL Trials/Candidates. (Note: If 1 observer is denied, all observers will be removed unless they are part of the previous mentioned roles)
If the observer refuses to leave the lobby despite being vetoed, the owner is allowed to kick him.
Observers are prohibited from voting, commenting on strategies, and ghosting.
Observers may not ping under any circumstances.


You are not allowed to use !mute in such a way that you are unable to teamplay anymore.

7. Statistics

FBG keeps statistics for each season, which can be found here
Winners of each season will be posted on #lihl-announcements.
Stats will be reset at the end of each season, typically lasting 3 months.

Clan FBG Events
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